Feeling unsure about my process or how to get started? Here are some (growing) FAQ from my clients.

Design process FAQ

Do you charge hourly, or per project – and could you explain the pricing of your freelance hourly rate, and what that entails?

It depends on the project! I have a one hour minimum rate but I will happily discuss the convenience of a “flat rate”, especially if it is more valuable for our time and your wallet. You are paying for talent, time, research and monthly cost for design programs. Sometimes this includes font purchases or Stock photography. Just as you would pay a mechanic an hourly wage solving problems with your car, purchasing tools, or any misc. items – design work and artistic vision is no different!

Do you create custom packages?

Yes! If you would like to create a custom package of web, branding, etc – reach out and we can discuss your particular needs. This can also be particularly helpful when you’re looking to get more “bang for your buck”.

What are sub logos or marks?

A well-developed brand will include several logo variations to cover all necessary applications. These include a horizontal version, a square version (for social profiles), and a small icon that can serve as your brand favicon (that little icon at the top of the web browser tab). All brand packages will include a 'family' of these logo styles to ensure you have the right logo for any use. 

Is there prep work?

Yes! For all things. ASAP is understandable but many projects take time. For branding – to ensure I am ready to dig into the heart of your brand, I will initially have you curate a Pinterest board to get an idea of your personal style as well as the aesthetic you have in mind for your new brand. I tend to promote 8 photo ideas or less, so you target your favorites.

Do you choose colors + fonts for web projects?

Although we will do a basic mood board, fonts are not included and may need to be purchased separately. If you have previously worked with another designer, we will use the style guide developed during that process. If you have not undergone the brand process with another designer, you will need to provide a color palette from the start and font selections for us to work with.

How long will it take to finish a project or package?

Packages can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. This will all depend on the package we choose, and how quickly our process together moves along. If things aren’t going fast enough for you, or you’re feeling rushed - let’s talk about it! The experience should be pain free, and stress free. After all, our goal is to provide you with an image and brand you love!

Other Questions? Please feel free to reach out.