How can I help your business?

Design, simplified.


It’s time to find the why behind your brand identity.  Who is your audience? How are you standing out within your niche? What is your brand’s story?  Let's create an identity that resonates with & empowers your audience through purposeful, strategic design. Let’s craft an identity that steps out of the box to present something real — something that drives emotional connections. …Because if we’re being honest, we remember the way things make us feel above all else. Why branding first? It’s the soul of your business. The branding process aligns your visuals (and verbals) to your audience, crafts a distinct personality, & builds a foundation from which you can steadily and strategically grow.

Your website, packaging, social media - these are where your brand is expressed, where it comes to life.


Design & Branding

Looking for a polished Logo? Well-rounded website? Or just simple stationary that stands out? I would love to help you create a valuable tool for the future of your business and get a head start to your success. I have a wide range of experience in Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The last five years living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - I have been humbled to bring big ideas to small town communities.

Clients: Teatonic Kombucha, JH Clean Water Coalition, Jackson Drug


Voice over

In 2013, I completed an education in Voice over training at Edge Studio in midtown Manhattan, where I wrote and directed a 3-minute narrative demo. Since then, I have recorded numerous projects via my in-home studio.

Clients: Outpost JH, General Assembly NYC, & Yoga Today.

Copywriting & Social Media Marketing

My writing provides persuasive and attention-grabbing copy for both small and large business applications. I apply branding strategies to a range of media - from web platforms, business campaigns, and biographies. My goal is to emphasize polished writing combined with innovative thinking.

Clients: Amangani, Vogel Hill Realty & Melvin Brewing.